Solitaire Table & Bench - The Center Point Of Our Living Space

By bulthaup By bulthaup | July 30, 2021 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,

A new offering from the modern masterminds at bulthaup, the b Solitaires are designed to make the most of the moments that we spend together at the table. This is where life happens, where we feel happy. The table, bench and unique backed bench cushion complement these extraordinary moments, becoming the center point of any modern inspired home.


Unique grains and particular growth characteristics make each b Solitaire table a unique piece. Together with the solid oak bench and matching cushion in natural tanned leather, it offers the perfect invitation to linger.


In line with the bulthaup b Solitaire concept, the table is based on a matte black aluminum frame. The two black stay bolts are useful in a number of ways. From a design perspective, they continue the frame, while in terms of construction, they connect the table frame and top. In functional terms, they serve to balance the natural wood tension, and they are visually striking.


The upholstered bench cushions and seat shell made from naturally tanned and waxed calf’s leather complement the b Solitaire’s warm shades of oak wood and natural style. Over time, the leather takes on a unique patina, since wear and light contribute to the material's individual aesthetics.


The sprung backrest of the seat shell provides both comfortable and stylish seating. Its design is reminiscent of a bookend and can be positioned absolutely anywhere on the b Solitaire bench. This means that different seating possibilities can be adopted with ease.


This newest addition to the bulthaup line help to round out their kitchen offerings, allowing bulthaup clients the ability to live within the bulthaup kitchen ecosystem entirely. As a brand, bulthaup has always strived to create and manage their clients entire kitchen experience, going above and beyond most other modern kitchen brands to offer plumbing fixtures, hardware, and countertops. The b Solitaire table & bench is just another way for homeowners to ensure a seamless aesthetic and philosophy of function throughout their home.

If you would like to learn more about bulthaup’s Solitaire product line, or about their kitchen architecture lines, reach out bulthaup Aspen and set up an appointment at our Basalt studio.

Photography by: Bulthaup USA